Partnership between Dars platform and Al Falah Private Schools (Bahrain)

A lesson platform at the London Fair

A cloud system for modern schools

Dars 360 Platform

A system of advanced cloud technology that combines educational work and interactive education. This system allows parents to be constantly informed of what is going on inside the school, enable them to communicate and participate constructively in the educational process.

More than 15 years’ experience

in the field of educational platforms

Global DARS

          A group specialized in educational technology since 2007 as a leading group in educational platforms serving schools, training centers and educational institutions.

Dars 360 application

(Easier, faster, clearer and closer)

Easily manage your school anytime and anywhere

With Dars360 application, all your school plans and management are controlled with features that enable you to manage your services easily. Download it now


Integration in its coverage of various school services.

Dars platform aims to provide a positive integrated educational environment, both virtual and real, and has a wide experience in educational work. It has more than 10 years of experience, and the third version of it was launched in 2018, and the platform was distinguished in light of the pandemic with a high ability to manage schools virtually remotely within all levels (administrative – educational – logistical – financial……..etc.

accuracy in execution and
quality in output

             The educational services on Dars 360 platform represent a positive integrated educational environment that simulates reality, including interactive lessons, virtual classes, periodic tests and electronic assignments.

A positive educational environment

It combined educational work with technology
Our goal is to raise the level of education in the Arab world and create an educational environment capable of creating a new generation for tomorrow's challenges.

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Maintenance and
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Educational management

  1. Weekly plan
  2. Follow-up and monitor exams committees.
  3. Curriculum Distribution Plan
  4. Lesson plan
  5. Class time table
  6. Educational supervision
  7. Student attendance
  8. Students’ performance
  9. Teachers’ achievement file
  10. Student social counselor
  11. Student activities

Dars Financial

  1. Create electronic invoices
  2. Fees scheduling
  3. Follow-up payment
  4. Electronic payment
  5. Parent account statement
  6. Daily bills reports

Dars Management

  1. HR
  2. Employee self
  3. service
  4. Electronic inquiries
  5. Instructions circulars
  6. Internal messaging system
  7. SMS messages
  8. Admission
  9. visual ads

Dars Educational

  1. Virtual classes
  2. Electronic homework
  3. Electronic exams
  4. Periodic exam schedule
  5. Final exam schedule
  6. Question bank
  7. E-content
  8. Skills and result analysis
  9. Grades monitoring
  10. Certificate printing
  11. Math equation
  12. editor & physics

Dars Quality

  1. Educational follow-up and supervision
  2. Create multiple evaluation forms
  3. Administrative follow-up
  4. Performance evaluation over periods
  5. Teachers’ performance evaluation
  6. Surveys & voting

Dars Logistics

  1. Maintenance
  2. Electronic bell
  3. Student exit auto call
  4. Bus management



The beneficiary can fully control the platform, develop it and put in additions that suit the environment and nature of the school

Daily backup

Based on the importance of backing up customers and preserving their data, we do periodic daily Weekly and monthly, backups

Ease of use

Keeping pace with the technological development that the world is witnessing, especially in the education system, Dars360 possesses the latest technologies that aim to create a positive integrated educational environment.

Interactive educational environment

Providing an integrated educational and learning environment that meets the needs of the teacher and learner in terms of scientific material, an effective participation in the classroom and achieving educational strategies in addition to providing distinguished educational tools and means.

Multiple protection

Dars 360 platform is characterized by the latest innovations to prevent and detect security attacks on more than one level, which ensures complete protection of customer data and a stable service continuity.

Regular updates

We work around regularly to constantly improve our service to meet customer needs and suggestions through periodic updates.

Technical support and training

Technical support is the most important strength of Dars 360, as it works throughout the day to meet the needs of customers, solve their problems, provide training and appropriate technical service to customers.

Ultra-fast servers

Specifications of high-speed and highperformance servers to meet the needs of schools and bear workloads and constant pressure on the network.

Ease of access

Math Equation Editor

Dars 360 features an equation editor that contains a set of symbols and layouts for mathematical operations and chemical formulas.

Clear and simplified screens

We have been keen to employ technology to have in your hands the latest technologies and the easiest interface with multiple applications on the Apple and Google stores.

Virtual Classroom Management

The platform is characterized by integration with the famous virtual classes program, where the beneficiary can attend virtual classes.